About The Field Trip (2018)

 Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika (Museum of the Asian-African Conference)

The museum is located in Gedung Merdeka, the venue of the Asian-African Conference where leaders of non-aligned countries from Asia and Africa met in 1955. The Museum is established by the Government of Indonesia and it belongs to them. It is a museum of diplomatic political history of Indonesia.

For further information please visit http://asianafricanmuseum.org/en/museum-kaa/



Bandung City Tour on a Bus (Bandros, weather permitting)

It is a city tour on a Bandros Bus. In 30-45 minutes, this tour will take you through the protocol streets of Bandung.

Bandung Tour On Bus (Bandros) melintas di kawasan jalan Diponegoro Bandung, Jawa Barat, Selasa (4/11). Bandros merupakan angkutan umum yang disediakan pemerintah kota Bandung untuk melayani wisatawan berkeliling Kota Bandung. Diharapkan adanya Bandros bisa mengurangi kemacetan akhir pekan, karena wisatawan tidak perlu memakai kendaraan pribadi. ANTARA FOTO/Agus Bebeng/Rei/nz/14.

For further information please visit http://bandungtourism.com/bandros/

Saung Angklung Mang Udjo

Saung Angklung Mang Udjo is a one–stop cultural workshop which consists of: performance venue, bamboo handicraft centre, and bamboo instrument workshop. SAU has an honorable function as an educational laboratory and training centre to preserve the Sundanese culture – Angklung in particular.


further information please visit http://www.angklung-udjo.co.id/