Call for Papers (2016)

Plenary Session

Topics: The evolved concept of Human Security and the imminent threats to human security.

Panel Session

We are calling for papers on human security with specific focuses on:

  1. Global and regional initiatives on human security.
  2. Humanitarian intervention.
  3. Military operation and human rights principles.
  4. Responsibility to protect and responsibility while protecting.
  5. Terrorism.
  6. Secessionist.
  7. Population movement.
  8. Poverty.
  9. Environment.
  10. Health issues.
  11. Gender issues.
  12. Education.
  13. Energy Scarcity.
  14. Natural and man-made disaster.
  15. Child abuse.
  16. The role of corporate to promote human security.
  17. Indonesia local NGO’s to promote human security.
  18. Other related theme.

Abstract: Maximum 250 Words.