Activities and Objectives (2016)

This event will be divided into 2 main activities:

1. Academic Professional Gathering.

This activity aims to introduce International Relations Department of Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Parahyangan Center for International Studies (PACIS), Parahyangan Center for European Studies (PACES) and International Relations Laboratory by showcasing their activities, achievements, and expertise. By inviting our existing and potential partners we are looking forward to strengthening and developing existing collaborations and partnerships, as well as exploring new form of cooperation. The event is design to accommodate intensive discussion in small groups based on collaboration interests.

2. International Academic Conference.

This Activity aims to enhance discourses and develop innovative thinking around Human Security issues. We are inviting a number of internationally acknowledge experts to be keynote speakers in the plenary session. The event will then continue with parallel panels discussing specific areas of human security, with presenters selected from the call for papers. Each panel will also involve an expert on that specific area as a discussant. We will be offering post-conference publication opportunities in a range of forms such as international journal, national journal, conference proceeding, and edited book.